• noun: an area on a golf course covered with tall grass that makes it difficult to hit the ball
  • noun: uneven ground covered with high grass, brush, and stones
  • verb: to hit (a player) very hard in a way that is not allowed by the rules
  • verb: to subject to abuse
  • adjective: having a surface that is not even
  • adjective: marked by inequalities, ridges, or projections on the surface
  • usually used with 'up'
  • synonyms: roughen, manhandle, coarse


  • He's 'having a rough time (of it)'. = He's 'going through a rough time'. [=he is having a difficult time; his life has been difficult recently]

  • The project still has a few 'rough edges'. [=the project still has a few things that need to be changed or finished]

  • Don't 'be so rough on them' [=don't punish or criticize them so harshly] for making a mistake.

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  • (..) - But the radish are almost good. - Fine. Hi. Let's go. Just so you know, he's had a rough night. Just like you, apparently. The day starts at a.m. sharp with the nurse. He needs to hours of care every morning. (..)
    2011 Intouchables