• noun: the number six in a series
  • noun: a musical interval embracing six diatonic degrees
  • synonyms: ⅙, ordinal


  • She claimed to have a 'sixth sense' for knowing when someone was about to call her.

  • I'll be flying in on the 'sixth'. [=the sixth day of the month]

  • He got a base hit in the 'sixth'. [=the sixth inning]

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  • (..) Everything I do is for your own good. And the good of those putrescent, IittIe children! - Mom. I'm home. - I get to do sixth grade work. - HoId on a minute. - Can't you see I'm on the phone? - You just asked me how schooI was. - The baby wasn't his. -WeII, it was reaIIy great. (..)
    1996 Matilda