• adjective: using speech and not writing
  • adjective: delivered by word of mouth
  • past participle of 'speak'
  • used in combination
  • synonyms: oral, ora, uttered


  • They haven't 'spoken' since the argument two years ago.

  • English is widely 'spoken' in many parts of the world.

  • I can't go out with you; I''m' already 'spoken for'.

Movie quotes

  • (..) She'II be here any second! Make sure the water is coId. Cover the fish! Put away the art projects. Last time, you forgot yourseIves. Don't speak unIess you're spoken to. - Don't Iaugh. Don't breathe IoudIy. - Don't breathe at aII. Good morning, Miss TrunchbuII. Sit! Shoo. (..)
    1996 Matilda