• noun: a flat piece of kitchen equipment for cooking that usually has four devices (called burners) which become hot when they are turned on and that often is attached to an oven
  • noun: a portable or fixed apparatus that burns fuel or uses electricity to provide heat (as for cooking or heating)
  • past tense and past participle of 'stave'
  • synonyms: heater, range, cockle


  • The hull of the boat 'stove in' when it hit the rocks.

  • She put the pan on the 'stove' over medium heat.

  • The rocks 'stove in' the hull of the boat.

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  • (..) Oh, my gosh! MatiIda! Now Iook what you did! You're supposed to the spinach! Babies ... You're better off raising tomatoes! - Soup's on the stove ... -A book? Why do you want a book? - To read. Why wouId you want to read, when the teIevision is right there? - You get more out of watching TV. (..)
    1996 Matilda