• noun: a male animal (such as a horse) kept for breeding
  • noun: a group of animals and especially horses kept primarily for breeding
  • verb: to furnish (as a building or wall) with 'studs'
  • verb: to decorate or cover (something) with many small items
  • often used figuratively
  • synonyms: stem, trunk, boss


  • She left her husband and ran off with some young 'stud'.

  • retired racehorses being used as 'studs'

  • a horse that has been 'put out to stud'

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) - It's really bad. - No! It looks good. No. Look... leather jacket, without sleeves, stud bracelets. A Village People-like cap. I know! Jos' Bov'. You look exactly like him. Really weird. An orthodox priest or something. (..)
    2011 Intouchables