• verb: to turn or move something so that it is not straight or level
  • verb: to raise and tilt forward in salute
  • verb: to hit or push (a moving ball or hockey puck) lightly so that it changes direction
  • verb: to give an extra amount of money to someone who performs a service for you
  • usually used with 'over'
  • synonyms: tilt, overturn, cant


  • How could he have known about the plan? Someone must have 'tipped' him 'the wink'.

  • The company wants to avoid 'tipping its hand' about its decision until next month.

  • Both candidates are qualified, but her experience 'tips the scales' in her favor.

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  • (..) which the setting sun momentarily blinding the executioner... and chose that moment to swipe the executioner's melon... giving me the added weight to tip the boards, facilitating my exit. That's amazing! It's not amazing. It was just a matter of keeping my head. (..)
    2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman