• noun: a large bowl attached to a pipe that is used for getting rid of bodily waste and then flushed with water
  • noun: the act or process of dressing and grooming oneself
  • verb: to dress and groom oneself
  • usually used of a child
  • synonyms: wc, backhouse, basement


  • ('Brit') The little boy told his mother that he had to 'go to the toilet'. [=use the toilet; ('US') 'go to the bathroom']

  • We're planning to 'toilet train' him next summer.

  • One of the kids needed to use the 'toilet'.

Movie quotes

  • (..) - What did she say? - What? Oh, sorry sir. No one was listening. Isn't it garbage night? We let the toilet seat up. What? What is it, woman? What? - He's making that stupid face again. - I could strangle him right now. Signal him again. (..)
    2015 Inside Out