• noun: a wide container used to hold something
  • noun: a wide low vessel originally formed with wooden staves, round bottom, and hoops
  • verb: to wash or bathe in a tub


  • We let the pans soak overnight in a 'tub' of soapy water.

  • She ate the whole 'tub' of ice cream.

  • The bathroom has a shower and 'tub'.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) - They're cops. - They are Ace Power Boat saIesmen. - Babyface, I'm starved! - Hi, Harry. -Who are you? What is this? A hot tub party?. - You're entertaining surfers? - They're cops, Dad. -Are you interested in time-share? - Get out. -Are you interested in time-share? (..)
    1996 Matilda