• noun: a long, hollow object that is used especially to control the flow of a liquid or gas
  • noun: any of various usually cylindrical structures or devices
  • synonyms: pipe, telescope, subway


  • The nurse inserted a 'feeding tube'. [=a tube used to deliver food to the stomach of a patient who cannot eat]

  • They spent all afternoon sitting in front of 'the''tube'. [=('Brit') 'the box']

  • All my hard work 'went down the tubes'. [='went down the drain']

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  • (..) Let's go. Joy. Joy. It's too dangerous. We won't make it in time. But, that's our only way back. A recall tube. We can get recall. Have a great day, sweetheart. - See you after school, monkey. - We love you. Go, run run! (..)
    2015 Inside Out