• noun: a trembling agitation
  • verb: to make fast and usually high sounds
  • verb: to utter successive chirping noises
  • synonyms: quiver


  • The teacher heard 'twitters' [='giggles'] coming from the back of the classroom.

  • She was all 'in a twitter' about the birthday party.

  • The 'twitter' of songbirds filled the air.

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  • (..) education is intangible. The true value of snake-oil is intangible as well. Fascist. Anything? The usual riffs on twitter and instagram. Nothing I'd fund. - Hi, excuse me, Mr. Gregory? - I have an idea I'd love to pitch you, if you have time. (..)
    2014 TvShow: Silicon Valley Title: Minimum Viable Product Season: 1 Episode 1
  • (..) No. We have a baby. Just do not move, I guess. Yup. Only a few months. Then, come back. Translation: The Mursi the Koreangels ~ Translation Team ~ is deprecated, please implement REST API from (..)
    2012 Juvenile Offender
  • (..) Look at you finding the silver lining. Positive attitude. That's Chapter V of Mr. Stubner's book. I am also rewatching his TED talk and following his dog on twitter. I am gonna nail this interview tomorrow. I don't even want to see these anymore. Whoa, no, we put a lot of money into these. (..)
    2015 TvShow: Young & Hungry Title: Young & Munchies Season: 2 Episode 3