• noun: a place, situation, or thing that you do not know about or understand
  • noun: one that is not known or not well-known
  • adjective: not known
  • adjective: not known or not well-known
  • synonyms: unascertained, hidden, unbeknown


  • If you've never been published before, you're an 'unknown quantity', so you're going to have difficulty selling your first novel.

  • ('chiefly US') The 'big unknown' [=the important thing that everyone would like to know] is how investors will react.

  • A 'fear of the unknown' kept her from changing jobs.

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  • (..) How much? You're silly. Well, there's something. There's a particular touch to it. But I mean... . ' for an unknown artist seems like a lot. Hmm... On the other hand, if I don't buy it it's going to be worth the triple in a year... And you'll tell me: "I told you". Am I right? (..)
    2011 Intouchables