• adjective: helping to do or achieve something
  • adjective: capable of being put to use
  • synonyms: beneficial, profitable, advantageous


  • The data could 'prove (to be) useful' [=people may eventually find that the data is helpful] in identifying future problems.

  • the 'useful life' of a satellite [=the amount of time during which a satellite is in good enough condition to be used]

  • Her pocketknife 'came in useful' [=(more commonly) 'came in handy'] when we needed to cut the tangled fishing line.

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  • (..) Or even disabled. You should add that after the poem: "By the way, how much do you weigh?" Write it. Thanks a lot for your useful advice, Driss. Let's get back to it. Where was I? I think a sphinx was eating daisies, running in the fields, doing weird stuff. Let's see... (..)
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