• noun: one of the small bones that are linked together to form the backbone
  • noun: one of the bony or cartilaginous segments composing the spinal column, consisting in some lower 'vertebrates' of several distinct elements which never become united, and in higher vertebrates having a short more or less cylindrical body whose ends articulate by pads of elastic or cartilaginous tissue with those of adjacent 'vertebrae' and a bony arch that encloses the spinal cord


  • the 'vertebral' column

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  • (..) I shouldn't have gone paragliding. But you did. Maybe to share Alice's pain, because I knew she wouldn't make it. In the end, two broken cervical vertebrae. And only my head left to get high. When the pain goes away, all I have left is my mind. My true disability is not (..)
    2011 Intouchables