• verb: to give (a reward or prize) to someone or something
  • verb: to give by judicial decree or after careful consideration
  • synonyms: adjudge, determine, apportion


  • A prize will be 'awarded' to the student who sells the most tickets.

  • an 'awards' ceremony [=a ceremony at which awards are given out]

  • The company is 'awarding' the contract to the lowest bidder.

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  • (..) you know you are a complete fraud and a liability to all nigras. Like all frauds, your end is approaching. You are done. Your degrees and your fancy awards will not save you. The American public will soon know you for what you are, an evil, abnormal beast. That wasn't me. (..)
    2014 Selma
  • (..) One which we and many other people around the world share. To this undeterred hero for justice, the Nobel Committee of Oslo, Norway, awards our Peace Prize. I accept this honor for our lost ones, whose deaths pave our path. I accept this honor for the more than million American Negroes (..)
    2014 Selma