• verb: to face or deal with (something dangerous or unpleasant)
  • verb: to face or endure with courage
  • adjective: feeling or showing no fear
  • adjective: having or showing courage
  • synonyms: achilles, amazon, david


  • She tried to 'put on/up a brave face/front' [=she tried to appear brave or calm] despite the pain of the injury.

  • The company was slow to enter the 'brave new world' of computer technology.

  • I had to 'brave the elements' [=go out in bad weather] to get to work.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) if we stay close. Bet you freeze to death before I do. Bet your life. Think they're out looking for you? - Yes. - Think they'll find you? Yes. You're brave. Stupid, but brave. We start again at first light. Get some sleep. Stop moving. I'm just trying to get comfortable. Stop it! - Was I? (..)
    2012 TvShow: Game of Thrones Title: The Old Gods and the New Season: 2 Episode 6
  • (..) Sorry I made you an offer. I can only offer one namely myself What do I do with joy if you help us again. Now How can I help you, my brave warrior? It's about the spirit of Mandinas No one can kill them. No, they are invulnerable because they are long dead. But I know a spell that (..)
    2011 The Dragon Warrior
  • (..) Why bother? I'll let you kill and I'm done with you. defeated all who came in Shoukalas name you I was also defeated. You beat yourself brave, but for me it's absolutely irrelevant. You have no honor, girls No man would let me die like this.. But every woman has, in your opinion It is what it is. (..)
    2011 The Dragon Warrior