• noun: something heavy that is carried
  • noun: something that is carried
  • verb: to make (someone) hold or carry something heavy or accept or deal with something difficult
  • often + 'on'
  • synonyms: load, load, birth


  • The 'burden of proof' is on the plaintiff, since the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. [=the plaintiff must prove that the defendant is guilty]

  • The 'tax burden' has been falling increasingly on the middle class. [=middle class people have been paying a greater portion of taxes]

  • For the rest of his life he 'was burdened' with the knowledge that he had done nothing to help them.

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  • (..) - And you are? - Am I late? - Yes, Mr. Sol. - Oh, good. Hi. - Sol. Richard Sol. - The burden of genius. - There he is. - So many supplicants, and so little time. - Mr. Sol. - How are you, sir? - Bender. (..)
    2001 A Beautiful Mind