• noun: a piece of personal property
  • past tense of 'choose'
  • synonyms: thing


  • When we 'chose sides' in gym class, I was always the last person to be picked to be on a team.

  • He was 'chosen' because he's qualified for the job.

  • She was 'chosen' from a long list of people.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) "who shall we sacrifice?" Who will be the leader of our great army? Maybe there won't be a single leader, but many. Father chose to take me with him to England. And what is your point, little brother, huh? He told me that he wanted me to learn at first (..)
    2017 TvShow: Vikings Title: Revenge Season: 4 Episode 18
  • (..) Never before in memory has it happened. 'var wants to lead the army. What? Are you serious? He just told me. He thinks our father chose him. It's not right. Bj'rn should lead the army. I agree. Bj'rn should be leader. Then it's settled. What did you say to Margrethe? (..)
    2017 TvShow: Vikings Title: Revenge Season: 4 Episode 18
  • (..) And they're gonna do the same here. More Sky People are gonna come. They're gonna come like a rain that never ends. Unless we stop them. Look, you chose me for something. I will stand and fight. You know I will. But I need a little help here. Our Great Mother does not take sides, Jake. (..)
    2009 Avatar