• noun: a way of changing a message to keep it secret
  • noun: one that has no weight, worth, or influence
  • verb: to use figures in a mathematical process
  • synonyms: code, zero, nonentity


  • The message was written in 'cipher'. [=the message was coded]

  • She was nothing more than a 'cipher'.

  • a 'cipher' that can't be decoded

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) The computer can't detect a pattern, but I'm sure it's code. Why is that, General? Ever just know something, Dr. Nash? Constantly. We've developed several ciphers. If you'd like to review our preliminary data? - Doctor? - ---. - -... (..)
    2001 A Beautiful Mind
  • (..) Why, yes, John, it is. I imagine you're getting quite used to miscalculation. I've read your preprints... ...both of them. The one on Nazi ciphers... ...and the other one on nonlinear equations... ...and I am supremely confident that there is not a single seminal... ...or innovative idea (..)
    2001 A Beautiful Mind