• noun: a servant who is hired to work in someone's home
  • noun: a household servant
  • adjective: of, relating to, or made in your own country
  • adjective: living near or about human habitations
  • usually used in plural
  • synonyms: intestine, domesticated, servant


  • The airline only offers 'domestic' flights. [=flights to and from places within the country]

  • a 'domestic' worker/servant [=a worker/servant who is hired to work in someone's home]

  • The organization is trying to get tax and insurance benefits for 'domestic partners'.

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  • (..) Know what a preamble is? "We the people of the United States, "in order to form a more perfect union, "establish justice, "ensure domestic tranquility, "provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare..." How many county judges in Alabama? Sixty-seven. Name them. (..)
    2014 Selma