• verb: to make (a picture, image, etc.) by making lines on a surface especially with a pencil, pen, marker, chalk, etc., but not usually with paint
  • verb: to cause to move continuously toward or after a force applied in advance
  • often + 'for'
  • synonyms: pull, drag, attract


  • A good writer knows how to 'draw' readers 'in'. [=how to make readers interested; how to make people want to read something]

  • Many people have been 'drawing' comparisons 'between' the two movies. [=have been saying that the movies are similar]

  • When the huge crowd suddenly became unruly, security 'was quick on the draw'. [=security reacted very quickly]

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Movie quotes

  • (..) I can let the world know what you did. But I need you now, soldier. I was so scared you weren't real. There's a storm coming. I'm just going to grab the laundry. I'll draw his bath. It's okay. Okay. John! I've almost got it! Charles, you just watch the baby. (..)
    2001 A Beautiful Mind