• adjective: looking very thin and tired especially from worry, pain, or illness
  • adjective: showing the effects of tension, pain, or illness
  • past participle of 'draw'
  • synonyms: tired, closed, drawn battle


  • She 'was drawn in' by his friendly manner. [=she wanted to know and talk to him because he was friendly]

  • The principal's remarks have 'drawn fire' [=attracted angry criticism] from both parents and teachers.

  • ('Brit') The U.S. team have been 'drawn against' [=chosen to play against] Greece in the first round.

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  • (..) Mathematicians, like you. The stated goal of the Soviets is global Communism. In medicine or economics... ...in technology or space... ...battle lines are being drawn. To triumph, we need results... ...publishable, applicable results. Now who among you will be the next Morse? The next Einstein? (..)
    2001 A Beautiful Mind