• noun: people in general
  • noun: a group of kindred tribes forming a nation
  • used to talk to a group of people in a friendly and informal way
  • synonyms: people, community, tribe


  • He has become a 'folk hero' in his home state because of the work he has done to help poor children.

  • He doesn't much care for city 'folk'. [=people who live in a city]

  • His 'folks' gave him everything a kid could want.

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  • (..) some spit and polish. I believe they're digital, possibly IMAX. Yeah, they're not. Mister, we'll have a look around if you want to leave us to it, okay? You know, folks used to come from miles around to see the dancing girls with the big cha-chas. I swear to God I am one diaper change away (..)
    2014 Transformers: Age of Extinction