• noun: a tool that has a heavy metal head attached to a handle and that is used for hitting nails or breaking things apart
  • noun: a hand tool consisting of a solid head set crosswise on a handle and used for pounding
  • verb: to strike blows especially repeatedly with or as if with a hammer
  • often used as '(be) hammered'
  • synonyms: pound, eustachian tube, air hammer


  • Our neighbors were arguing again last night. They were 'going at it hammer and tongs'.

  • He is 'being hammered' by his political opponents for his failure to cut taxes.

  • I know we can solve this problem if we just keep 'hammering away' ('at' it).

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  • (..) - Will this ever end? - I don't know, Mr. President. A comprehensive plan is already in place. The act was only passed six months ago. So hammer home that impatience only hurts the overall cause. We're... We're getting there. Just... Just keep reiterating the plan. No, he doesn't want reiteration. (..)
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