• verb: to do or say something that is offensive to (someone)
  • verb: to behave with pride or arrogance
  • synonyms: vaunt, contumely, abuse


  • You're saying those photos are real? Don't 'insult my intelligence'. [=don't treat me as though I am stupid; don't expect me to believe those photos are real]

  • Most people were forced to work longer hours each week, and to 'add insult to injury', the company decided not to give pay raises.

  • They're understandably 'insulted' when no one asks for their opinion on a matter that affects them so much.

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  • (..) us the cold shoulder because nobody likes to be second choice. Well, what if no one goes for the blonde? We don't get in each other's way... ...and we don't insult the other girls. That's the only way we win. That's the only way we all get laid. Adam Smith said: "The best result comes... (..)
    2001 A Beautiful Mind