• noun: the state or condition of not having any or enough of something
  • verb: to not have (something)
  • verb: to be deficient or missing
  • + 'for'
  • synonyms: blame, fault, crime


  • They called it a comet, 'for lack of' a better term/word. [=because they could not think of a better term/word for it]

  • His honesty, or 'lack thereof', is the real problem. [=the real problem is his lack of honesty]

  • There was 'no lack of' interest in the proposal. [=there was much interest in the proposal]

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  • (..) by an administration that spends millions of dollars every day to sacrifice life in the name of liberty in Vietnam, yet lacks the moral will and the moral courage to defend the lives of its own people here in America! We will not let it go! And if he does not act, we will act. (..)
    2014 Selma