• noun: a curved part or shape made when something long and thin (such as a rope or thread) bends so that it touches or crosses over itself
  • noun: a curving or doubling of a line so as to form a closed or partly open curve within itself through which another line can be passed or into which a hook may be hooked
  • verb: to form or cause (something) to form a loop
  • verb: to make or form a loop
  • usually used in the phrases 'in the loop' and 'out of the loop'
  • synonyms: loophole, staple, noose


  • He claims that he was kept 'out of the loop' when the decision to sell the company was being made.

  • The town's economy has been 'knocked for a loop' by the factory's closing.

  • The ball 'looped' over the shortstop's head into left field for a single.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) One's a politician all the way from the state capitol. You fellas coming? No, we got other fish to fry just now, Del. But you knock them for a loop. You knock them for a loop, Del. Just like Mr. Harry says. Let's move briskly. There's not much time. All right, rehearsing now! (..)
    1999 The Green Mile