• noun: a person who is a citizen of a country
  • noun: one that owes allegiance to or is under the protection of a 'nation' without regard to the more formal status of citizen or subject
  • adjective: of or relating to an entire nation or country
  • adjective: of or relating to a 'nation'
  • usually used in plural
  • synonyms: public, general, federal


  • The university is known 'nationally' and internationally for its writing program.

  • The movie opens 'nationally' [=in theaters throughout the nation] this weekend.

  • The U.S. 'Nationals' will be held in New York City this year.

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  • (..) what he's asking for and soon. Do you know what he has said about us in the past, Coretta? He called us "ignorant Negro preachers." Called me a modern day Uncle Tom. Said on national television that the white man pays me to keep Negroes defenseless. The white man pays me! How could you allow it? (..)
    2014 Selma
  • (..) in the Oval Office. Right now, Johnson has other fish to fry and he'll ignore us if he can. The only way to stop him doing that is by being on the front page of the national press every morning and by being on the TV news every night. And that requires drama. Now... John. (..)
    2014 Selma