• noun: costs for rent, heat, electricity, etc., that a business must pay and that are not related to what the business sells
  • noun: business expenses (as rent, insurance, or heating) not chargeable to a particular part of the work or product
  • adverb: above someone's head
  • adverb: above one's head
  • synonyms: aloft, above


  • People were making noise in the balcony 'overhead'.

  • Her company has very little 'overhead'.

  • A chandelier hung directly 'overhead'.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) ...if I can ask you to dinner. You do eat, don't you? On occasion, yeah. Table for one. Prometheus alone chained to the rock... ...with the bird circling overhead, you know how it is. No, I expect that you wouldn't know... Leave your address with my office. I'll pick you up Friday... (..)
    2001 A Beautiful Mind