• verb: to set or keep apart
  • verb: to cause (two or more people or things) to stop being together, joined, or connected
  • adjective: not joined, connected, or combined
  • adjective: set or kept apart
  • usually used in plural
  • synonyms: disunite, divide, disconnect


  • He tries to keep his private life and public life 'separate' (from each other). = He tries to keep his private life 'separate' from his public life.

  • ('US') He fell and 'separated' [='dislocated'] his shoulder. [=caused the bone in his shoulder to move out of its proper position]

  • The competition has been easy to this point, but now it gets tough and we'll really begin to 'separate the men from the boys'.

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  • (..) by progressives and liberals in favor of what they call a changing world. They seek to make us one mongrel unit. Instead of allowing each race to flourish from its separate racial station as has been the standard for generations now. Good morning, Mr. President. Their changing world (..)
    2014 Selma