• noun: the organ in your body where food goes and begins to be digested after you swallow it
  • noun: a dilatation of the alimentary canal of a vertebrate communicating anteriorly with the esophagus and posteriorly with the duodenum
  • verb: to accept or experience (something unpleasant) without becoming sick, upset, etc.
  • verb: to take offense at
  • often used before another noun


  • Take this medication 'on an empty stomach'. [=when your stomach is empty because you have not eaten for a time]

  • When I had the flu, just the thought of eating made me 'sick to my stomach'. [='nauseous']

  • She felt a flutter in 'the pit of her stomach' when he walked through the door.

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  • (..) - No. - Laugh as much as you want. One day Magali will be in my bed. Hope well and have well. Careful with the appetisers, given your stomach issues... I'm not a doctor, but I know if you take Imodium, something's wrong. Pardon me. Please... Can I ask you a favour? A little piece for me? (..)
    2011 Intouchables