• noun: something a child plays with
  • noun: flirtatious or seductive behavior
  • verb: to act or deal with something lightly or without vigor or purpose
  • used to describe an animal (such as a dog) that is the smallest kind of a particular breed


  • ('US') a 'boy toy' = ('Brit') a 'toy boy' [=a young man who is having a romantic or sexual relationship with an older woman]

  • I 'toyed with' the idea of moving to France but ended up staying here.

  • She 'toyed' [='played'] 'with' her hair while she talked on the phone.

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  • (..) No. Nein! - Nein, is what you mean. - I'm not ok with that. Philippe, ach, nicht gut. So I'm your toy now. You know you're mental, right? You have to get help. Don't you feel like invading countries right now? Ok, it would be best... (..)
    2011 Intouchables