• noun: a thin streak of smoke, mist, etc.
  • noun: a small handful (as of hay or straw)
  • verb: to roll into a wisp
  • synonyms: will-o'-the-wisp, rumple


  • By the morning, there was just a 'wisp' [='bit'] of snow left on the ground.

  • I met her when she was just 'a wisp of a girl'. [=a thin young girl]

  • There was a 'wisp' of a smile [=a very slight smile] on her lips.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) So... that question I've been holding is what purpose is Rene fulfilling? Time is up I have other clients. Though you may not have detected the wisp of Astrakhan fur snagged on a nail from my left shoulder... You couldn't have failed to notice the overpowering aroma of herring pickled in vodka. (..)
    2011 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  • (..) What am I supposed to do now? Just go back to writing? I'm out of the zone now, the whole day's shot! All because of you and that brittle wisp of a woman you made the mistake of making your mother. No. It's not her fault. She's doing the best she can, after all. It's just that... (..)
    2018 TvShow: BoJack Horseman Title: Free Churro Season: 5 Episode 6
  • (..) but I'm asking you to help me. Who said I don't like her? I like her. She's the nicest felon you've ever dated. Stop. I just think she's a bit wispy. I thought you'd end up with someone more substantial. Are you talking about her moral character or the size of her breasts? Please. I'm an ass man. (..)
    2013 TvShow: Orange Is the New Black Title: The Chickening Season: 1 Episode 5