• noun: powerful invisible rays that can pass through various objects and that make it possible to see inside things (such as the human body)
  • verb: to examine and make images of (things, such as the bones and organs inside the body) by using X-rays
  • verb: to examine, treat, or photograph with X-rays


  • The doctor will review the 'X-rays' and call you with the results.

  • After the accident, I went to the hospital for an 'X-ray'.

  • Your luggage will be 'x-rayed' at the airport.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) - Of course. Of course. Thank you, Paul. Hal... ...you give Melinda my love, okay? I'm sure that x-ray will turn out to be nothing at all. You bet. JAN: Paul. - Hey, you. (..)
    1999 The Green Mile
  • (..) Head x-rays and who knows what else. She is scared to death. Truth to tell, so am I. If it's something they can see on the x-ray... ...maybe it's something they can fix. Maybe. This just came in. DOE on Bitterbuck. You didn't come all the way down here (..)
    1999 The Green Mile